In March 2020 we still were able to have the second successful project meeting hosted by our partner school in Barcelona. But just a few days later, the spreading of the CoVid-19-virus developed drastically there (as well as all over the continent), so the number of cancelled flights to our home destinations was also rising. In conclusion, we had to consider quarantine after returning back home.

In the following months, our school partnership was dominated by the CoViD-19 pandemic. The high numbers of incidences throughout Europe were leading to many lockdowns in schools and home schooling at our partner schools. Due to high infection risks travelling activities were completely stopped by school administration and so the planned project meetings could not be realized.

The web-based conferences established as an alternative to the planned meetings did not work out the way we had been expected to because the periods of lock down in the different partner countries again and again made it impossible for students to get back to working on the product. Apart from that, schools had to cope with the most relevant problems concerning their regular curricula and organisation of lessons. All that led to the fact that developing the project more and more was shifting into the background of the daily work in school.

Repeated travel warnings and the presence of new mutations of the virus made the planning of further project meetings impossible until early autumn 2021. In the aftermath of having developed and been able to provide enough vaccine we today see that more and more activities are again possible. In conclusion we are quite confident to be able to develop and proceed in project work and to work out the different project activities as outlined in the application.

Meanwhile, the responsible national agency has also agreed to an extension of project duration until August 2022. Due to summer vacation and the period of exams before we are expected to complete and finish our project results by end of May 2022. Any further extension of the project duration has just been denied, so we all are now expecting six months of a work-loaded project.

Nevertheless, we are very happy and hopeful to be able to meet again now in November 2021 in Trondheim (Norway), where we will discuss, evaluate and agree on the further structure and procedure after a twenty months break. Despite all the delays and difficulties, we are still very confident to be able to manufacture and present at least one fully functioning penny press in the coming months.


Foto by Daniel Roberts at Pixabay

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