COMMON RESOLUTION of Preparatory Meeting
06-12-2018 to 09-12-2018, DUBLIN (IRELAND)


The participants of the preparatory meeting for the
"European CNC-Network – Penny Press Machine for EUROPE"
have agreed to the following common resolution:

  1. The participants will work on the basis of the established "European CNC-Network".

  2. The participants have agreed on a partnership called "European CNC-Network – Penny Press Machine for EUROPE". The project is going to begin in 11/2019 as part of the European Programme "ERASMUS+ School Exchange Partnerships (KA229)" and will run for two years.

  3. The participants have selected English as their working language.

  4. The main product of the project will be a so-called "Penny Press Machine". This kind of attraction is often found at touristic hot spots. Usually, after having paid a one-euro coin and inserted a five-cent coin into the printing slot, the machine prints a local motif on the five-cent faces when turning a crank.

  5. The goal of the partnership is to design, develop and manufacture six fully functional "Penny Press Machines" in close cooperation.

  6. The "Penny Press Machines" are meant for permanent exhibition and to be presented within school buildings accompanied by information boards.

  7. As all in all six partner schools will be involved in the project, the machines are expected to print six different motifs symbolizing the community and relatedness within the "European CNC-Network" long after the project has ended.

  8. Both sides of the coin will be designed individually and should represent European elements and regional motifs.

  9. The machine and the medals represent a sustainable successful European cooperation and embody the commonalities among partners as well as the uniqueness of the member states united in Europe.

  10. The planned partnership covers the full process of project development. It connects the classical methods of CAD engineering to the highly innovative 3D printing technology used for prototyping and industrial manufacturing based on modern CNC machinery.

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