Welcome to Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Sightseeing @ Historical Old Town
Organising the Final Presentation
Final checks & Fine tuning
Press Unit - The Core of our PPM4EU
Feeding Unit - Synchronisation just in time
ESP32 Controller and Touch Panel Interaction
Arduino Controller @ Self-made Circuit Board
Penny Press Machine in Operation
Coin printed by our PPM4EU
Huge Public Interest @ Final Presentation
Anthem of Europe @ Final Presentation
Expert Talk @ Final Presentation
Team Spirit @ Final Presentation
European Spirit @ School Restaurant
Cook Trainees @ School Kitchen
Perfect Lunch @ School Restaurant
Service Trainees @ School Restaurant
Main Course made by Cook Trainees
Delicious Dessert made by Cook Trainees
Cultural Fun @ Rhine Valley Tour
Exploring the "Rheinstein" Castle


Yes, we have finally made it to Germany, to the final meeting and we were all looking forward to seeing our "Penny Press Machine" running and of course to meeting all the European friends again.

The meeting started with a beautiful welcome dinner at a small restaurant in the middle of Bad Kreuznach, just in walking distance to our hotel. It was the time that we, all those involved in the project, said hello to each other. Of course, we talked a lot about the project, our work, the machine and our trip to Germany.

On our first day, Heinz and his colleague Elina gave us a tour through the city of Bad Kreuznach, to the famous "Brückenhäuser" and the historic center of this town in the southwestern part of Germany.

In the afternoon we went to school and started our meeting with a review and the first work line and group work sessions. The focus of our work in the different groups was the preparation of the final meeting on Thursday and solving minor problems of our Penny Press. Some students directly went to the workshop and assembled the "Penny Press Machine", others stayed in classrooms and worked on the concept for the final presentation.

On the third day of the meeting, we did not go to school but took a trip to the Rhine valley. This was a beautiful boat trip followed by a demanding hiking tour uphill and then an unforgettable dinner directly at the river Rhine. We had perfect weather - no clouds in the sky and plenty of sunshine, so everyone enjoyed it very much.

On Thursday then we had our final presentation of the "Penny Press Machine", some politicians and representatives of the school administration and the local companies were invited. To kick-off our final presentation Martin from Germany and a student from Luxembourg played the European anthem by Ludwig van Beethoven on the violin and the piano. All the students participated in the presentation and we were very happy that our "Penny Press Machine" was running so well. At the end everyone was very happy with the successful presentation in Bad Kreuznach.

In the afternoon, we had a hiking tour to the Rotenfels and a picnic before we then went to a small village called Traisen, where we had our farewell dinner. We took the road train back to the hotel at around 10 pm.

On Friday, we all had to pack our bags and go back home after a successful final meeting with a lot of new impressions in mind.

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