The final presentation of our project work and the main product, the "Penny Press Machine" took place in the coordinating school in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. This event was completely prepared by students involved in the project and gave a perfect overview of how it all started with a project idea and all the technical challenges and then ended by printing coins on our penny press machine.

This presentation was a very impressive event for the guests as well as for all the participating students and teachers as it not only gave an insight into our work, but was also characterized by the "European Spirit" of togetherness and mutual cooperation.






After the technical drawing had been finished and the 3D-model had been prepared, the construction and design was then transformed into an exploded assembly video to visualize the full design of the machine and to countercheck distances, tolerances and measurements. It is very impressive to see how many individual parts our Penny Press Machine consists of and the detailed solutions that the students have






The essential idea of this European cooperation was to built a "Penny Press Machine" based on mechanical engineering and the use of CNC tool machinery including engineering data management. Within project duration, students have produced eighty different parts and pieces, thirty of them on CNC-machinery.

Many of those parts needed high accuracy, exact measuring and precise manufacturing with only little tolerances. Twelve different parts were furthermore produced by using the 3D-printing with dual extruding management technology.


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