Welcome to Trondheim, Norway
Fighting Covid-19 - Lots of Restrictions
Welcome Dinner made with Love ...
Cook Trainees @ School Restaurant
Yammi! That´s really tasty!
Team Austria - Renewed
Team Germany - Renewed
Team Luxembourg - Renewed
Team Norway - Renewed
Team Spain - Renewed
Team Switzerland - Renewed
Consolidation @ Plenum Session
Reflecting Worklines and -groups
Discussing Strategies and Worklines
Voting the Main Goal Option
Reorganising & Merging Worklines
Optimizing Worklines and -groups
Defining new Meeting Dates
Lots of discussions in Workgroups
How can we achieve our Main Goals?
Final Plenum Session Meeting
Company Tour @ Sandvik Coromant
CNC Technology at its best ...
Back through Trondheim Fjord by boat
Shipping along the Old Harbour Docks
Guided Tour @ Downtown Trondheim
The Old Bridge of Trondheim
Now we know all secrets of Trondheim ...
Don't forget, it's Christmas in a few days!
Farewell Dinner at Trondheim Tower
All you can eat Pizza Buffet!


Sunday evening in the north of Europe! After all the delegations from different parts of Europe had finally made it to Trondheim, our third project meeting was started on Sunday evening Nov 14th,2021 at the "Egon Tarnet Restaurant", about 74 meters above the ground. Having a delicious pizza in a rotating restaurant with a beautiful view into the Norwegian night - what a start off!

On our first working day, we received an overview and an insight into project work so far, which was really complicated because of all the concessions and limitations due to the Corona pandemic. It became clear that we would have to take some major changes in the project organization and procedure to be successful in the end.

On the second and third day, we focused on what we had achieved so far, the difficulties we had encountered and discussed ideas and concepts for our next steps.



PPM4EU - Meeting Norway - Working Day 1


PPM4EU - Meeting Norway - Working Day 2


PPM4EU - Meeting Norway - Working Day 3


PPM4EU - Meeting Norway - Cultural Day




Meeting Norway
Meeting Norway




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