Welcome to St. Pölten, Austria
Explaining Technical Drawings
Here is the Solution!
Students entered the Austrian Workshop
Last Fine Tuning of Technical Parts
Everything is working fine ...
Etching the self-made Circuit Boards
Assembled Circuit Board ready to use
Programming the Microcontroller
Heavy Tools for fine Machinery
First Assembling of Machinery Parts
Concentricity Test of the large Bearings
Factory Tour @ DOKA Formwork Company
European Group Spirit @ Factory Tour
Back in the Workshop ...
Fitting the Press Rollers - well done!
Impression of Gears and Press Unit
The first Coin showing our Project Logo
Experience a typical Austrian Jaus'n ...
Time for a Rest - Time for Lunch!
Cultural Fun @ Vienna Exploring Tour
Visit to St. Stephen's Cathedral
Horse Power @ St. Stephen's Place
Typical Austrian "Wiener Schnitzel"


On Sunday evening, the meeting started with a welcome dinner at Hotel Graf right in the center of Sankt Pölten. Most of us had "Wiener Schnitzel", a typical specialty of Lower Austria. It was exciting to see all the European friends again and to discuss the challenges and solutions for our Penny Press face to face.

In the following days, we spent a lot of time in the workshops at school. Before that we had a school tour through the HTL Sankt Pölten. The building is fascinating - everything is new, there is modern equipment, and the rooms are large and stylish.

Some students decided to focus on the electronic parts of our Penny Press and with the help and support of the teachers in Austria, we produced our own circuit boards. Some of us had never done that before and so it was very interesting but also challenging, but the two teachers from the electronic department did a great job! Thank you!

Some other students spent a lot of time in the mechanical department where some missing parts of the machine were prepared at the milling and the turning machines. Again, the Austrian teachers in the workshops supported us and helped us whenever we had problems.



PPM4EU - Meeting Austria - Working Day 1&2


PPM4EU - Meeting Austria - Working Day 3&4


PPM4EU - Meeting Austria - Working Day 5&6




Meeting Austria
Meeting Austria




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