Welcome to Barcelona, Spain
School Tour @ Salesians in BCN
Cultural Fun @ Guided Tour in BCN
Spectaculous La Sagrada Familia
Antonio Gaudi Architecture
Jesus Christ @ Tibidabo Hill
Colour Water Fountain Illumination
Project Group @ Factory Visit Day
Factory Tour @ Leitat Techno Center
Visiting the 3D Factory Incubator
Industrial 3D Printing Technologies
Continuing Progress in Workline A
Continuing Progress in Workline B
Continuing Progress in Workline C
Continuing Progress in Workline D
Visiting a local Commercial Penny Press
Voting the best Project Logo Design
Which Design will be our favourite?
We love the Logo made in Luxembourg!
Discussions in Workgroups going on
Many new Ideas and Visions
Impression of frist detailed drawings
Farewell @ Oldest Restaurant in BCN


At the beginning of March 2020, we met in Barcelona to push our Erasmus+ project called "Penny Press Machine for Europe" further to the next stage. While in Luxembourg the basic structure and challenges were discussed and analysed, we met in Catalonia to further deepen the technical issues and to start Workline D, which so far was only meant for evaluating the first meeting.

In our well-structured work sessions organized in different work lines and work groups, we had the chance to discuss different ideas and concepts for realizing the different element of our "Penny Press Machine" such as parts of the base frame or the mechanical parts, which would later be relevant for "pressing of the pennies". Apart from the workload, we took our time to get to know the city of Barcelona, the vibrant, beautiful, and joyful metropole and center of this region. We enjoyed regional food, organized a guided city tour and of course, threw ourselves into nightlife …

The two tours to industrial plants gave us an insight into "state of the art" with regard to 3D-printing and enabled the chance to get to know Leitat Technological Center, a truly European enterprise, where start-ups have the opportunity to network and exchange know-how. That was exciting and interesting to see!

As the meeting came to an end, the Corona pandemic was spreading faster and faster in Europe, so we returned home safely to our schools after a challenging and successful meeting in Barcelona.

After this second meeting, we are confident on what we have already achieved. Nevertheless, we also saw challenges that were ahead of us. These were, on the one hand, the challenges regarding the technical and technological requirements and, on the other hand, the exchange and cooperation between the partner schools. We were looking forward to taking the next steps in Norway. See you there!

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